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Approved Horizon is a highly adaptable membership management software solution. Offering diverse associations a rich set of features, Approved Horizon can be tailored to accommodate specialized requirements. For example:

Chamber Associations

Approved Horizon is designed to support the traditional Chamber business model. That is, Approved Horizon maintains unique and distinct profiles for individuals, but associates each member with a specific corporate or association identity. As individual members move between employers, their Approved Horizon profile can be easily updated to reflect this change. In addition, should companies merge, their history with your organization is retained: new links are added to show the new corporate relationships.


There are many types of associations that follow the Chamber business model. Affiliations between main offices, branch offices and affiliates can be effortlessly grouped and tracked. As with all Approved products, Approved Horizon handles a wealth of member tracking activities, such as invoicing, receiving payments, renewal dues tracking, mailing lists, label making, broadcast e-mail and fax, committee management, built-in reports and event management.


Individual Members

If your organization prefers to track members as individuals only, then Approved Horizon is your ideal member management solution. When configured for contact mode, Approved Horizon treats each individual as a member, irrespective of their company affiliation. Contact mode is ideal for organizations such as Trial Lawyer and Bar Associations, Trade Associations and Medical Associations, among others. In contact mode, select individual members can be grouped for invoicing purposes. For example, attorneys from a single office belonging to their state Trial Lawyer Association can be grouped together for billing purposes. This would result in a single invoice associated with the office instead of individual invoices for each member.

Apartment Associations

Apartment Associations have unique tracking requirements that are easily addressed with Approved Horizon. Companies can join as members, and employees join as representatives of that company. Communities and units are tracked along with owners and their associated properties. Dues can be set up based on the number of apartment units, and these calculations are reflected on the member’s annual invoice. Approved Horizon also contains specialized reports expressly for property owners, communities and units.


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